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Miriam Works has been in business for many years, providing consulting for large and small retail businesses and creating shops and spaces that not only can grow sales but build strong relationships.

When it came to her own website, she hadn’t updated it in years and it no longer reflected the work that she does and the services she offers. Miriam reached out to Rainy Day Prosper to design a mobile-ready site that was fresh and modern but still had elements of her brand that she loved from the original site.

Miriam also wanted something she could maintain on her own and that was easy to update with her newest client projects.

Rainy Day Prosper created a website that still has the branding, colors, and white space she loves from her original site but gave it a 2019 boost with a mobile-friendly design, new project sections and more images throughout the site that really showcase what Works Consulting offers today.

Now the website is easy to navigate and beautiful to look at, a perfect example of Miriam’s work and is something she can continue to add to on her own, without the need for coding.

CLIENT: Works Consulting ROLE: Art Direction, Website Design

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