Rainy Day Prosper joins 5 other Seattle small businesses in the finals for Ventures Nonprofit Innoventures Competition.

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2019 has been the biggest and busiest year yet for Rainy Day Prosper but more important, it has been a year of realizations and now that it is already March of 2020, I am in for an even bigger year.

You see, I learned something really important in 2019.

I learned that if you invest in others it will come back to you tenfold and last year I tested this out by offering up the two things I have worth anything, my time and my experience with design…..and it paid off!

I can hardly
believe it myself!

For those who don’t know me, this is a good introduction to how I think about business. Following my purpose and helping those in need.

Part of my mission is helping small businesses with their online presence so they can compete with larger brands. This helps them have a good first impression online in a world where more and more people find what they need online before they even visit a brick and mortar.

From photography to graphic design, web design, SEO and social, I help businesses that normally would not have the ability to build their brands online because I offer my services at a lower price point than large agencies. I also tutor/mentor with non-profits in my area to help educate micro and low-income small businesses on their options and potential.

I am a one-woman show and am not making millions by any means but I managed to donate over $20,000 in services and discounts in 2019 to non-profits as well as low-income minority businesses in Seattle which I am so honored to say.

We all need a little help every now and then and I consider myself a creative director for the little guys. 😊

“InnoVentures, Ventures’ annual fundraiser, is where Ventures entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a panel of judges and hundreds of community members like you.” – Ventures


This year I decided to push myself even further and applied to compete in a local small business pitching competition called Innoventures via the nonprofit, Ventures.

They must have loved my story too because I was chosen along with 40+ other businesses to commit to two months of pitching and speaking workshops, in order to learn how to talk about my business, my innovations, and my financial needs in 5 minutes or less.

I am thrilled to report that after two emotional rounds of pitching and over 35 businesses eliminated, Rainy Day Prosper has made it to the FINALS which will be held on March 26th!

Investing in my clients helped my business grow!

You might be wondering how giving over $20,000 of my services helped me make a profit last year but I am here to tell ya, it most certainly did.

And I am not the only one who sees the benefit of incorporating giving into their business plan and mission either. The New York Times wrote an article on the science and power of paying it forward in 2014 and Fast Company called it a growing business trend in 2017!

But if you want a real tear-jerker, check out this show called Small Business Revolution where marketing and business specialists help an entire community of small businesses get to where they need to be to thrive. By doing so, they show the power of good branding and investing in small businesses.

I already knew the impact my services had on the businesses I help and that giving back to others changes lives, I just didn’t know how much it would change mine and am really excited to share my story for a chance to win $5,000 to put towards MY business in a few weeks.


I’m just one person but I am happy to say I make a huge impact with what I do. Some of my clients have told me they see immediate results from the work put into their branding and marketing efforts and others see a growth of 3 or 4 times from what they were making before they looked into my services. All because they are able to think of their brand and their story as an asset.

It truly is a special thing to experience.

Got 2020 Figured Out Yet?

My business has grown which means I’m offering way more than photography services these days. Here are just a few of the creative services I offer now:
  • Graphics and Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Workshops and Lectures
  • Social Media How-To
  • Video Interviews
  • Product & Lifestyle Photography
  • Creative Consulting Services
  • Event Photography
  • SEO
So what are you waiting for?

Let’s make 2020 a productive and beautiful year!

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